Vision Vent S eco

With the rooflights of the VisionVent series from MPK, condensation in caravans and motorhomes doesn't stand a chance. Thanks to an ingenious design with covered ventilation, air cushions to prevent dripping and channels for drainage, condensation is minimised even in unfavourable weather and intensive use of the camper van interior. The aerodynamic design makes travelling more pleasant through lower driving noise and less draught. 


  • Large dome for rain protection
  • High UV protection due to tinted dome material
  • Telescopic display unit, tiltable on four sides, with locking device
  • Folding frame with mosquito net, roller blind optional 
  • Approval: ECE R43 -019652


Condensation water protection:

  • Covered ventilation in inner dome
  • with condensation stop
  • Air cushion reduces drop formation
  • Channels drain off condensation water

Improved flow behaviour:

  • aerodynamic dome
  • lower driving noise
  • Less draught despite continuous ventilation

Technical data

Cut-out dimension 280 x 280 mm
Roof thicknesses from - to 24-46 mm und 42-72 mm
Corner radius 18 mm
Dome size 380 x 395 mm
Continuous ventilation 100 cm²
Height above roof 80 mm
Frame dimensions 315 x 315 x 8 mm
Recommended maximum speed 130 km/h

Article numbers

Roof thickness From - to Roller blind Frame colour white Frame colour grey Frame colour beige Weight approx.
24-46 mm Without 2753VNW 2753VNG 2753VNB 1400 g
24-46 mm With 2753VNRW - 2753VNRB 1500 g
46-72 mm Without 2753VNW - 2753VNB 1470 g
46-72 mm With 2753VNRW - 2753VNRB 1570 g


Installation and Operating instructions VisionVent S eco
pdf, 322.3 KB

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