How do we manufacture? As you would expect from a specialist!

What do we do? 
In short: plastic injection molding, is flexible and adaptable, whether for caravans, motor homes, or anything else that travels a lot. Primarily roof hoods, that should be clear by now. But also accessories such as ventilation grilles, junction boxes, and handles.

How do we do it? 
Technically: thermoplastics - always in stock - on injection molding machines of the latest generation, with a clamping force of up to 13,000 kN and an injection weight of up to 3,200 g, partly automated.

What does that mean? 
We can produce durable, robust, and clean quality quickly and reliably from prototype to series.

What makes it special? 
We have now produced several million roof hoods. So we know what to look for in the product and production. As a specialist, we already support our customers in the development of the hood, so we can already optimize design and construction for production at the CAD level. Before it goes into production, we supply dimensionally accurate prototypes in true-to-the-original quality - i.e. we are also happy to supply elastic, sanded, and painted prototypes. And to ensure that things continue quickly after acceptance, we have the specialist for manufacturing the appropriate injection molding tool right on site.

How do we deliver? More reliable.

Whether original equipment manufacturer or processor, whether retailer or DIY tinkerer: partnership is important to us. Long distances, endless waiting loops, changing contact persons? Not our thing!

We like it casual.

Whether you are a manufacturer or a retailer, whether you have questions about technical integration, special solutions, marketing material, or stock: It is important to us that you have it easier with us than with others. Less bureaucracy, short, fast ways, and even faster solutions. Nevertheless professional, reliable, and simply good - just as you would expect from a specialist.

That's why at MPK you have a maximum of two contact persons who are always there for you: One technical specialist for manufacturers and processors and one who takes care of trade, sales, and logistics. Of course, there's also the commercial part, but no one has ever complained about our pricing policy - it runs smoothly.

And because we can concentrate on what you need, our processes and procedures, our systems and standards, our ideas and solutions are particularly efficient.

Anything else is not our job.

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