Quality and Environment


As a company involved in the processing of plastics, we have a particular responsibility towards the environment, which is why we are certified in compliance with the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management standard and pledge to conserve energy and raw materials to reduce the impact on the environment and resources.

In addition to our own company waste management, we also rely on reliable and certified disposal companies who ensure that our plastic waste is appropriately separated, recycling or melting it down to make new plastic granules. This will allow us to continue to manufacturer superior-quality motorhome accessories and made-to-order plastic components for you in future!

Sustainability certificates

Environmental management with ISO 14001 certification
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Quality management with certification ISO 9001
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Quality management

We have been manufacturers of superior-quality plastic products for more than 40 years. The knowledgeand application areas of our employees and the service and quality requirements of our enterprise need to be continually enhanced to further maintain and deleop our excellent quality.

our employees make a decisive contribution in this respect to continuous quality optimising and the improvement of our process and products. Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 ensures meticulous production of the highest precision and a consistent quality standard.

It regulates tasks such as order verification, thus resolving any uncertainties prior to the production phase. Unequivocal assignment of contacts ans responsibilities avoids misunderstanding and delay. This enables us to guarantee that only products monitored through IT-supported quality assurance and subjected to testing are shipped to you from our company.