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The best rooflights come from MPK

Since 1975 we have specialised in the manufacture of rooflights and roof windows for caravans and motorhomes. Because we didn't want to be reasonably good at many things, but best at one thing. We manufacture what our customers need: Easy-to-install rooflights that are flexible to fit old and new campers, that can be easily opened and closed countless times, that keep noise out but let light and air in. And because the manufacture of rooflights is our passion, we have been there as a flexible and reliable partner for manufacturers, dealers and travel enthusiasts for decades.

We cannot do anything better.

"When you devote yourself fully to something, put a lot of time, effort, energy into it, occasionally despair of it, but still feel deep joy in it, that's passion. And our passion is roof hoods."

Emanuel Bessmann,
Owner and Managing Director MPK in third generation

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Simply more comfort with MPK rooflights

Why rooflights at all? Because they make life in the caravan and motorhome so much more comfortable! Used and humid air escapes naturally from the roof hatch in the camper, but light and fresh air ensure a good indoor climate. What stays outside: UV radiation, noise and insects. The MPK rooflights really do fit every vehicle - and leave nothing to be desired thanks to the flexible modular system

For all rooflights

Advantages of the MPK products

For all rooflights

With the MPK modular system, the components of rooflights of one size - the domes and the inner frames with LEDs, blackout or fly nets - can be individually combined and exchanged according to customer requirements. This way, you simply remain flexible when choosing the right rooflight.

Polycarbonate rooflights for protection and perspective

Why polycarbonate? This material is light, transparent and at the same time particularly impact-resistant - this makes polycarbonate resistant to breakage, for example in the event of hail or stone impact.

Experience the quality that manufacturers rely on

Our service promise

Long distances, endless waiting loops, changing contact persons? Not our thing! It is important to us that you have it easy. As little bureaucracy as possible, short paths, even faster solutions - from prototype to series production. Professional, reliable, simply good. As you would expect from specialists.

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