Model 32

The small MPK rooflight model 32 provides fresh air in the camper van and, thanks to polypropylene frosted glass, also gentle daylight in the interior. A fold-down mesh frame protects against insects and lets light and air into the interior of the caravan. 


  • Small, space-saving milk glass dome made of polypropylene 
  • Inner dome with continuous ventilation
  • Telescopic display unit, tiltable on four sides, with locking device
  • with fold-down net frame
  • Approval: ECE R43 -019

Technical data

Cut-out dimension 320 x 360 mm
Roof thickness from - to 24-56 mm
Dome size 380 x 420 mm
Continuous ventilation 120 cm²
Height above roof 83 mm
Recommended maximum speed 130 km/h

Article numbers

Net Frame colour beige Weight approx.
Without 320VNB 1350 g
With 320VNRB 1400 g


Installation and Operating instructions Model 32
pdf, 322.0 KB

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